Website Analysis + Redesign
- Analyze the user experience associated with the YALE SCHOOL ­OF ART and propose design changes. (The original assignment had three website options.)
Learning Outcomes
- Synthesize knowledge of user experience to evaluate a web experience.
- Evaluate the emotional content of existing web experiences.
- Design low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes.
Low-Fidelity Wireframes
Physical Sketches
Digital Sketches
Pitching a Prototype
- Design and pitch a proof of concept or prototype for a travel agency that markets its services to college students.
- “Badass Guides” is a leading publisher of travel guides aimed at college students who travel in their senior year and after graduating. Imagine they are launching a new travel service for their website and mobile content. Travelers can use the guides to get information about a destination and then book it directly with “Badass Guides” travel. The service must be aimed at young travelers.
Possible Points for Redesigning
- collective information of ticket, rooms, etc
- summaries generated from user datas
- specially redesigned reviews
- comments on certain categories such as weather, transportation, food, etc.
- user generated contents
- let students decide what could be on the website
- scheduling function
- Anyway to better present information students need with student offers?
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