A Zoomable Treemap by Xin and Devin
We have designed this zoomable treemap to showcase the representation of marginalized groups in cinema. Using data from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, this chart separates the 11,118 entries by their focus category (the marginalized population in question) and then displays all of the Academy's index terms found under each category.
This chart sizes its boxes by the number of entries in each category, showing the viewer a visual representation of how frequently each group has highlighted in films. Using this chart, an individual can gain a better understanding not only of how a specific group has been showcased within films, but also how frequently that group is referenced when compared to other groups.
For example, if I wanted to compare the representation of blind or deaf individuals in movies, I'd first navigate to the "People with Disabilities" tab. Then, after clicking on that tab to see all 921 results, I could find that there have been 72 movies tagged with the "blind" index term, and only 29 tagged with "deaf". From this, I have learned that blind individuals are showcased in films more than twice as often as deaf individuals. This chart opens possibilities to explore many of these questions regarding representation.
Now try it out yourself and enjoy!

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