Stop Motion Animation + Soundtrack
- 50-second Stop Motion Animation.
- Begin with constructing a soundtrack from preexisting sounds.
- Designed the animation to visually interpret the qualities of the soundtrack.
- Used Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.
Magic Realism
- 2.5-minute performance video of a person.
- Transformed a common activity into something extraordinary.
- Applied continuity editing techniques in your video.
- Used native sound as the soundtrack.
- Executed cinematic grammar well in the shots. (Used at least five different camera setups.)
Haiku Animation
- Created a visual interpretation of an existing Haiku through animation.
- Used metaphor and abstraction.
- Dedicated a different scene to each line of the Haiku.
- Adhered to the language and grammar of cinema.
- Included sound effects, but avoided copyrighted songs.
- Used Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro for editing.
Planning and Storyboard
- Created a 2-minute video interpreting the story “SUM” by David Eagleman.
- Used and strategically organized video files collected throughout the semester.
- Engineered the soundscape.
- Used Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro for editing.
- Create an immersive viewer experience.
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