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Mediocre Photo Challenge
Original Mediocre Photo
List of Improvements
Color Balance + Exposure
When I first look at this photograph, I took a few years ago, I found it a bit boring to look at. As a night scene of city lights, there are colors of vibrant lights. However, the lighted coastline, canopy, and river all feel on the same level. It had overexposure that everything, especially the lights, here looks very plain. I was thinking of adding the Saturation/Hue adjustment layer so that the colors can have more vibrance.
As mentioned, this photograph also lacks contrast that could add depth. I am planning to use the brush tool together with the Curves adjustment layer to add highlights and shadows to the coastline, so not only the buildings there will be divided clearly into foreground and background, but the coastline will hopefully also stand out from the sky and river.
While all the buildings/lines on the left are perfectly straight and to the horizon of the photo, the coastline is tilted, leading to the tilted buildings on the right. I am thinking of either use the “Perspective” function from “Transform” or Perspective Warp to adjust that issue.
Element to Remove
I want to remove the main ship in the middle of the river. It was not at the focus of the camera when the photo is being taken, but its appearance grabs people’s attention. While it is too blurry and dark to take on such a role, I want to use the Lasso tool and clone stamp to remove it and bring the attention back to the coastline.

Enhanced with Photoshop

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